Lyuba was born in Russia, and studied at the Leningrad Academy of Art (now the St. Petersburg Academy of Art), where she received her Masters Degree in Art History and Art Criticism. She then held the position of museum curator of contemporary Ukrainian Art in Kiev.

She emigrated to the USA in 1981. Lyuba started a new life in New York City as a graphic artist, and then as a partner in a graphic design firm. It wasn't until 2001 that she became interested in working with clay. She enrolled in courses at Greenwich House Pottery in New York, and over the next four years she became familiar with the basic techniques of hand built functional pottery. She learned as much as she could about the traditional craft of Ceramics, with its different schools and aesthetics.

From the beginning of her studies, Lyuba was attracted to both traditional and contemporary Japanese ceramics. The multiplicity of forms and textures along with the amazing effects produced by freehand glaze application, with it's resulting painterly effects, stimulated her own work at that time.

In 2005 she left New York City and moved with her husband David to their country home in British Columbia, Canada. There she setup her own studio, where she now works.